You Do Not Have to Be a Marathon Runner to Lose Weight

Feeling overweight? Troubled by those extra pounds put on over the holidays? Body image can influence many aspects of daily life. That is why it is important to maintain a positive body image. Weight is often a large component of body image. Being overweight can often lead to low self- esteem and issues with health. However, there are many effective ways to trim off excess pounds. An effective method of weight loss is running.
Exercise is not the only component of weight loss! In order to lose weight an individual must also have an appropriate diet. An appropriate weight loss diet includes small portions of high- fat and high- calorie foods including grains, vegetables, and fruits. Weight loss starts with diet but ends with exercise.

Running is a great way to lose weight. However, runners should be mindful of common mistakes. First of all, running for weight loss is about consistency. If an individual wants to shed pounds by running he/she needs to run more than once a week. Secondly, goals are important for runners because they serve as a marker for progress. Lastly, runners need to add variation; this could include taking a different trail or running a different pace.

If running does not appear to be an effective weight loss method, fear not, there are other strategies for losing weight. Seeking the advice of a weight loss doctor may prove to be beneficial to those desiring to lose weight. For example, individuals in the Houston area may find seeking the services of a Houston weight loss doctor for advice about weight loss supplements to be helpful.

Whether running, dieting, using weight loss pills, or all of the above it is important to be mindful of one’s body. Therefore, be aware of what works best on an individual level.